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Huawei & BGI Partner On Big Data Genome Storage Project

Huawei and BGI have formed a tag team to develop big data genome storage systems and improve the efficiency of genomic research.

Haplotype Resolution Without References

Researchers have developed a method that can resolve haploid sequences without using a reference genome, paving the way for the assembly of more complex genomes.

7 Must-Read Stories In May 2015

From classical music to educational achievements, there are the top stories that captured your attention in May.

£30,000 Boost For UK-China Metabolomics Data Sharing

The UK's Biotechnology and Biological Research Council has committed £30,000 to support training in managing and sharing metabolomics data and analyses.

DNA Methylation Regulates Longevity In Humans

A genome wide association study has uncovered differentially methylated regions linked to longevity and the suppression of age-related diseases.

How Pigs Adapted To Altitude

A whole-genome sequencing study has undercovered the genes that helped pigs adapt to hot and cold environments at different altitudes.

Termites Evolved Complex Bioreactors 30 Million Years Ago

A genetic analysis has revealed that the enzymes required to decompose plant material are distributed across fungi, termites and their gut bacteria.

The Secrets Of Life Underground

The genome of the Damaraland mole rat provides an insight into the adaptations required for life underground.

Insights Into Cancer Resistance From The Blind Mole Rat

The blind mole rat may not be able to see, but its genome could shed light on why it does not develop cancer.

Three Institute Collaboration Releases 3,000 Rice Genomes

A collaborative effort between the CAAS, BGI and the IRRI has published the genomes of 3,000 rice varieties, amounting to 13.4 terabytes worth of data.