Asia’s Rising Scientists: Wan Iryani Wan Ismail

Professor Wan Iryani Wan Ismail is leading the research in showcasing the health and economic benefits of honey and beekeeping in Malaysia.

Bee Change

While bees might be terrifying to some people, we should all be worried about a world without them.

The Buzz Over Queen Bee Learning And Memory

Chinese scientists have demonstrated that epigenetics contributes to superior learning capacities in queen bees.

How Plants Control Honeybee Caste Development

Plant miRNAs from pollen can delay caste differentiation and keep ovaries inactive in honeybee larvae, thereby producing sterile worker bees.

Asia’s Bee Mites Alarmingly Resistant

A study of the Tropilaelaps mercedesae genome has revealed that conventional mite control strategies might not work.

Bees Do It, Drones Do it

No longer the stuff of science fiction and TV series, drones now can pollinate flowers.

What’s The Buzz? China Loses Fewer Honey Bees Than US, Europe

Research on bee colony loses in China has revealed insights which could help improve our understanding of widespread colony losses elsewhere.

Yes, Bees Get Sexually Transmitted Diseases Too

And when they do get a sexually transmitted disease, the bees' immune system launches an efficient response to protect their sperm—and ultimately their queen—against the disease.

Parasites Kill Honey Bees By Manipulating miRNA

Fungal parasites are able to change the expression patterns of 17 honey bee miRNAs, potentially disrupting over 400 target genes.

Bees Pack More Food If Rewards Are Uncertain

When faced with uncertain rewards from their foraging journeys, honey bees reduce the risk of starvation by carrying more food with them.