autonomous vehicles

Getting A Headstart On HPC

As high performance computing grows in relevance in various industries, Singapore Polytechnic is prepping its students for the future from the comfort of their classrooms.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Marcelo Ang

One of Singapore’s robotics pioneers, Professor Marcelo Ang Jr’s research promises to take driverless cars and personal robotic assistants outside the realm of imagination and into the mainstream.

Phones Are Just The Tip Of The 5G Iceberg

5G is not just an incremental upgrade to existing networks, but a radically new approach to communication.

Accelerating the Rise of Autonomous Driving

From more acute sensing technologies to better situational awareness, Singapore startups are kicking driverless vehicle technology into higher gear.

NTU And Volvo Unveil World’s First Full-Size Self-Driving Bus

The bus is equipped with a range of sensors for autonomous navigation and is managed by a secure artificial intelligence system.

Is It Possible For AI To Be Ethical?

Given the complexities of human morality, it might be impossible to design ethical AI; but developers should nonetheless always be alert to potential biases.

Singapore’s Smart City Secret Sauce

Nimble authorities, a commitment to transformation and a focus on partnerships are some of the reasons why Singapore is one of the smartest cities around.

Going Deep: 5 Reasons To Attend SGInnovate’s Deep Tech Summit

More than just a networking event, Deep Tech Summit 2018 will provoke meaningful discussion about the impact of technology on society.

NTU Partners Desay SV For Automotive Cybersecurity R&D

The partnership will focus on research to make automotive electronics, such as in-vehicle infotainment and advanced driver assistance systems, more cyber secure.

Road Trip Realities

Road tripping humans, rejoice. You’re still in the driver’s seat—for now.