autism spectrum disorder

Prenatal BPA Exposure Linked To Male Bias In Autism

Male rat offspring exposed to BPA in the womb had impaired learning and memory, suggesting that BPA could contribute to male bias in autism.

Machine Learning Enhances Mental Illness Diagnosis

By combining machine learning with brain imaging, scientists have developed a way to differentiate different kinds of mental illnesses based on MRI scans.

i-Tiles For Teaching Special Needs Students

Scientists in Singapore have developed an interactive education system to help students with special needs learn better.

Tackling Autism By Tweaking Diets

A simple change of diet that restores the balance of gut bacteria may help to alleviate the symptoms of autism, researchers say.

MicroRNA Linked To Abnormal Brain Development In Autism

The dysregulation of a brain-specific microRNA leads to abnormal brain development which could be one of the underlying causes of autism spectrum disorder.

Five Lessons From A Special Friendship

Having a best friend that everyone else considers different can teach you how to be a better person, no matter your age.

Japanese Kids Recognize Faces Slightly Sooner

Facial processing appears to have cultural differences, with Japanese children showing adult capabilities one year before their Western peers.

Autism Rates Steady Over Two Decades

A systematic review of autism spectrum disorders from 1990 to 2010 shows that the rate of autism has remained constant over the last 20 years.

Fatty Acid Transport Proteins Linked To Schizophrenia & Autism

Mutations in fatty acid binding proteins resulting in disrupted lipid transport to the brain could be the common factor underlying both schizophrenia and autism.

Researchers Diagnose Autism In 12-Month-Old Babies

Researchers have tested more than 10,000 babies in China, some as young as 12-months-old, for autism.