How Childhood Trauma Causes Mental Health Disorders In Adult Life

Twin experiments by researchers in South Korea reveal the mechanism underlying adverse effects of stress hormones on a child’s brain.

Astrocytes: More Than Just A Neuron’s Assistants

Astrocytes could be contributing to storing memories and more in the brain, hints a study from Japan.

Decluttering The Brain By Eating Connections

Meet the stars of the brain's clean-up efforts: astrocytes that remove excessive connections which could impede learning and memory.

Closing In On The Cause Of Alzheimer’s Disease

The unpredictability of Alzheimer's disease may be partly caused by changes in star-shaped cells in the brain called astrocytes, find scientists from South Korea.

Astrocytes, The Gym Trainers Of Neurons

Astrocytes, once thought to play passive roles in the brain, are actually key to the regulation of neuron strength and neuronal changes in the brain.

The Electrifying Effect Of Astrocytes On Depression

The benefits of stimulating the brain with an electrical current to reduce depressive symptoms come from its effects on astrocytes, not neurons.