The Scientist Will See You Now

A geneticist by training, Dr. Audrey Poon now runs a scientific consulting business, which helps researchers tackle grant applications and peer review.

Female Hormone Drug Could Help Treat Asthma

Relaxin, a hormone produced during childbirth, is anti-fibrotic—a characteristic that could help treat lungs damaged by asthma.

Attention, Asthma Sufferers: Getting Bendy Could Help

A Cochrane Review suggests that yoga may have a beneficial effect on symptoms and quality of life in people with asthma.

Diet Linked To Asthma Severity In Pregnancy

Eating well pre-pregnancy could help asthmatics control their symptoms during pregnancy, study says.

ZAI Lab Licenses Respiratory Disease Drugs From Sanofi

ZAI Lab has acquired the license for two pre-clinical drugs for chronic respiratory diseases.

Malaria Drug Doubles As Anti-Asthmatic

Artesunate, currently used to treat malaria, could help asthmatics control their symptoms with fewer side effects.

ASLAN & CSL To Develop Asthma Treatment

ASLAN acquires license for CSL334, an anti-IL13 receptor monoclonal antibody for the treatment of asthma.

Dust Mites Main Cause Of Allergies In S’pore

Researchers have identified house dust mites as the main cause of respiratory allergies in Singapore.

Cat & Dog Allergens Detected In Homes Without Pets

Soft toys are a source of cat and dog allergens regardless of whether the home has pets, according to a study.

Study: Probiotics Not Effective For Preventing Childhood Asthma

Taking probiotics during pregnancy or giving them to infants doesn't prevent asthma, according to a new study.