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Extending The Range Of Diseases Covered By A Rice-Based Vaccine

Astellas and the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo are expanding the range of diseases that can be covered by their rice-based oral vaccine, MucoRice.

Astellas And Affinivax Team Up For Vaccine Against Pneumococcal Disease

The collaboration centers on Affinivax's multiple antigen presenting system to develop a vaccine targeted against pneumococcal disease.

Astellas, UTokyo To Collaborate On Cholera Vaccine

The partnership will develop a rice-based oral vaccine against cholera and E. coli-related diarrheal diseases.

Human iPSC Used To Treat Kidney Injury In Mice

A public-private partnership between CiRA and Astellas has yielded the finding that iPSC could be used to treat acute kidney injury.

Astellas Receives FDA Approval for Anti-Fungal Drug

Astellas' recently approved anti-fungal drug could be used to treat immunocompromised patients facing life threatening fungal infections.

Osaka University Establishes Research Chair With Astellas

The Osaka-Astellas joint research chair will focus on developing cell therapy technologies.

Astellas & Harvard Take On Retinitis Pigmentosa

Astellas will fund a study of genetic retinal degenerative disease run by Dr. Constance Cepko from Harvard University.

Astellas & Cancer Research UK Team Up In Fight Against Cancer

The partnership between Astellas and Cancer Research Technology will begin with the development of drugs for pancreatic cancer targeting autophagy.

Astellas’ Prostate Cancer Drug Available In Japan

The androgen receptor signaling inhibitor XTANDI® has been approved for castration-resistant prostate cancer in Japan.

Astellas, Daiichi Sankyo To Share 400,000 Drug Compounds

Two of Japan's largest pharmaceutical firms will share their drug libraries, making 400,000 compounds available for high throughput sequencing.