Fostering The Next Generation Of HPC Leaders

As the world enters the era of exascale computing, events like the EU-ASEAN HPC School are connecting young scholars across the region with new technologies, experts and each other.

Revealing Eight Centuries of Asia’s River Patterns

In the largest study of Asia’s rivers to date, researchers tracked eight centuries worth of annual river discharge to unearth insights on past climate patterns.

Singapore: A Sentinel For Southeast Asian Seafood Safety (VIDEO)

What we learnt from the unprecedented 2015 GBS outbreak and its implications for food safety in Southeast Asia.

On The Frontiers Of Free Trade

After a twist of fate set him on a career in international economic law, SMU Associate Professor Pasha Hsieh now investigates how free trade agreements can spur progress in developing countries.

Singaporean Scientist Wins ASEAN Award For Rice Research

Dr. Yin Zhongcao has received the Outstanding Rice Scientist of Singapore Award at the ASEAN Rice Science and Technology Ambassadors Awards held in the Philippines.

UNESCO: ASEAN Economy Community Likely To Spur Scientific Cooperation

The ASEAN Economic Community could also spur both the cross-border movement of researchers and greater specialization, in turn broadening cooperation in science and technology.

Zika Outbreak In Singapore Alarms Region

The number of Zika cases in the country surged to 275 in just ten days from the start of the outbreak on August 27.

ASEAN Patents Increased By 40% In Past Three Years: Report

The Thomson Reuters report, which examines ASEAN research and patenting activity, also shows that the group almost doubled its share of the world’s research papers.

Can ASEAN Achieve Universal Healthcare? (VIDEO)

Achieving universal health coverage is a goal that many countries strive towards. Will ASEAN see a day where everyone—including rural dwellers—has full access to affordable quality healthcare?

Power-Sharing Model Could Widen Energy Access In ASEAN

ASEAN firms should be allowed to sell electricity across borders like in Europe, say experts—but setting up a transboundary grid across islands remains a major challenge.