arsenic contamination

A Rainbow Bright Way Of Detecting Arsenic

This nanomaterial-based fluorescent test paper detects levels of arsenic in drinking water in colors ranging from red to cyan.

Traditional Chinese Medicines Often Contaminated With Mercury & Arsenic

Using a stringent two test method, researchers have found that 32 out of 32 traditional Chinese medicines tested were contaminated with mercury and arsenic.

Arsenic Hitches A Ride On Sugar Transporters To Reach Plant ‘Arteries’

The discovery of transporters responsible for loading arsenic into plant phloems could aid the development of new cultivars which accumulate less toxic arsenic.

Keeping Arsenic Out Of Rice

The discovery of the protein OsABCC1 could help in the development of arsenic-resistant crops.

7 Must-Read Stories In October 2014

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Turning Cigarette Ash Into Arsenic Filters

Scientists have found an ingenious use for cigarette ash, turning the porous material into an efficient arsenic water purifier.

Arsenic In Water Caused Drug Resistance

Arsenic contamination of drinking water in India has been implicated in the development of resistance to a drug used to treat leishmaniasis.