Riding The Wave Of Modern Aquaculture

Experts at IPI’s Sustainable Aquaculture Water Management Roundtable discussed Singapore’s emerging water treatment and monitoring solutions.

jeffrey seng, fish vaccines, fish diseases

Customizing Vaccines For Fish Health (VIDEO)

A shot or two could help keep fish diseases at bay and open floodgates to a more sustainable aquaculture practices in Asia, highlighted Dr. Jeffrey Seng.

Technology Is Tackling Some Of Agriculture’s Thorniest Issues

There is both a science and art to agritech, and when used correctly it can reverse the biggest challenges farmers face, from climate change to super-invasive pests.

Carving A Niche—An Interview With Dr Lee Chee Wee Of The Aquaculture Innovation Centre

The Aquaculture Innovation Centre is looking to support and grow the aquaculture industry in Singapore through collaboration and open innovation.

Asia’s “Father of Aquaculture” Wins 24th Nikkei Asia Prize

Taiwanese shrimp farming pioneer Liao I-chiu won in the science and technology category for his contributions to the development of aquaculture in Asia.

Scientists Sequence Okinawan Sea Grape Genome

Not only did researchers in Japan decode the genome of the Okinawan sea grape, they also compared the genome to 15 other plant genomes to shed light on plant evolution.

Industrial-Scale Aquaculture Intensifies Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Researchers in China, South Korea and the UK have demonstrated that the rapid increase in aquaculture activities is associated with elevated greenhouse gas emissions.

Nuts And Bolts—Sink Or Swim With Innovation

Advanced water management systems, diagnostic kits and high-tech floating platforms are now available to the modern-day fish farmer.

‘Magic Soil’ Turns The Tide Against Algal Blooms

Chinese researchers have modified clay to inhibit algal blooms that threaten Chile’s aquaculture stock.

Scientists Decode The Asian Catfish Genome

Researchers in Japan and Vietnam have sequenced the genome of the Asian catfish, which could help fisheries identify important genes for rapid growth and disease resistance.