Young Adults’ Mental Health In Singapore Need Urgent Attention

A new survey shines a light on the rates of depression and anxiety among Singapore’s youth.

Revealing The Mechanism Of Trauma-Induced Anxiety

Researchers in Japan have identified potential signalling pathways involved in traumatic memory retrieval and subsequent anxiety responses

Matcha Tea Helps Reduce Anxiety In Mice

Matcha reduces anxiety in mice by activating dopamine and serotonin receptors, Japanese researchers say.

OCD: The Killing Joke

The media may portray obsessive compulsive disorder as cute and quirky, but in truth it can be a debilitating condition.

The Neural Link Between Anxiety And Sleep

Activating neurons in a region of the brain linked to fear and anxiety can cause mice to wake up from non-rapid eye movement sleep.

India & China Bear A Third Of Global Mental Illness Burden

India and China's disease burdens for mental, neurological and substance use disorders are greater than in all high-income countries combined, says a study.

Flies Experience Anxiety, Too

Researchers have identified genes linked to wall-following behavior in flies when they are feeling anxious, shedding light on the fundamental mechanisms underlying anxiety.

Increased Anxiety Associated With Sitting Down

A meta-analysis has revealed that sedentary activities are associated with mental health conditions such as anxiety.

Not Junk: lncRNA Linked To Anxiety In Mice

The long non-coding RNA Gomafu has been linked to anxiety-like behaviors and could help the brain respond to environmental changes.

Reducing Anxiety With Brain Stimulation

Just 20 minutes of brain stimulation could help reduce the unhelpful patterns of attention associated with high levels of anxiety, study says.