Virus Infection Makes Ants Switch From Savory To Sweet Food

An international team of researchers has found that fire ants infected by a virus have altered food preferences and may forage less, with implications for pest control measures.

Ants Tell The Story Of Tropical Biodiversity

Researchers have studied ants to explain why biodiversity is higher in tropical regions compared to areas further away from the equator.

Epigenetics Explains Why Some Ants Prefer Diet Soda

Scientists in Japan have discovered that genetically identical ants vary in their threshold for sweetness, with implications on colony survival.

Ants And Aphids Are Friends With Benefits

Researchers in Japan have discovered that ants actively manipulate aphid populations to obtain a sweet snack.

The Obama Ant Gets A 3D Avatar

Scientists in Japan have created 3D virtual avatars of three new ant species named in honor of key figures in conservation: Barack Obama, Ken Saro-Wiwa, and E.O. Wilson.

Illuminating The Deep, Dark World Of Subterranean Ants

Hidden in plain sight just beneath our feet is the fascinating world of subterranean ants.

Making Mulch Ado Of Ant Hills

Ants, which account for half of all insect biomass in the world, are beneficial to agriculture in more ways than one.

Ants Could Be Influencing The Colors Of Their Aphid Allies

The differences in coloring within an aphid colony may depend upon aphids’ interactions with their ant allies rather than with their predators, according to researchers.

Scientists In Hong Kong Discover New Golden Tree Ant Species

Move over, Yellowjacket. This golden ant species could be the new warriors on Ant-Man's team.

Two Ant Species Named After Game of Thrones Dragons (VIDEO)

Brace yourself, dragon ants are coming! Researchers have discovered ant species with dragon-like spines reminiscent of the mythical beasts in Game of Thrones.