Neem Tree Bark Extract May Help Fight COVID-19

Extract from the bark of the Neem tree may help reduce the spread of coronavirus, an India-US research team reported.

Combating Drug-Resistant Hepatitis C

A team of Japanese researchers has identified a compound that inhibits the maturation of the hepatitis C virus without selecting for resistant strains.

How Do RNA Molecules Interact? With A SPLASH

This sequencing technology, named SPLASH, helps researchers understand the interactions between RNA molecules—and therefore, how to inhibit infectious organisms.

How A Virus Peptide Destroys Other Viruses

Researchers have explained how a peptide derived from hepatitis C virus kills a broad range of viruses while leaving host cells unharmed.

Monash & 60P To Develop Dengue Drug

Based on the Monash discovery that the anti-cancer drug Fenretinide acts as an antiviral, the partnership with 60P hopes to bring the drug to dengue patients.

Abalone Could Treat Herpes Virus Infections

A serendipitous observation led to the discovery that hemocyanins in abalone blood could treat herpes simplex infections.

Starpharma To Launch Anti-Viral Condoms

The first of its kind, the VivaGel® condom incorporates an antiviral compound to reduce the risk of exposure to viruses such as HIV, HSV and HPV.