Fighting Pathogens With Antimicrobial Technologies

Healthcare facilities are susceptible to the spread of infections, but developments in antimicrobial technologies are working to wipe the danger of harmful microorganisms out.

Combating Superbugs Through Comic Books (VIDEO)

From antimicrobial resistance to COVID-19, infectious diseases physician Dr. Hsu Li Yang is tackling the world’s most pressing public health issues through comic books.

A Trojan Horse For Killing Drug-Resistant Microbes

By hijacking the heme acquisition system of bacteria, researchers in Japan have devised a method to kill microbes that are resistant to antibiotic treatment.

One-Bead-One-Compound Strategy For Antibiotic Discovery

Researchers in Japan are combating the scourge of drug-resistant microbes by screening synthetic variants of a naturally-occurring antibiotic.

Brain-Eating Amoebae Be Gone!

Scientists in Malaysia have discovered that anti-seizure drugs coupled with silver nanoparticles could be used to kill brain-eating amoebae.

Finding The Achilles’ Heel Of Drug Resistant Bacteria

By screening a total of 50,240 small molecules, scientists discovered a compound that suppresses the ability of multidrug resistant bacteria to cause infection.

Peptic Ulcer Drug Tames Superbugs

A bismuth-based drug typically used in the treatment of peptic ulcers could potentially help to prevent the spread of multi-drug resistant bacteria.

How Bacteria Resist Even Peptide Antibiotics

Scientists in Hong Kong have discovered how bacteria may become resistant to peptide antibiotics.

UK And India To Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance

The Yusuf and Farida Hamied Foundation has pledged £450,000 to the UK's Academy of Medical Sciences to launch an exchange program focused on antimicrobial resistance.

Fast-Acting Antimicrobial Kills E. Coli In Seconds

Potential applications for the antimicrobial material include consumer and personal care products.