antibiotic resistance

How Do Bacteria Develop Resistance Against Methicillin?

Staphylococcus aureus is becoming resistant to antibiotic Methicillin globally. Researchers in Japan explain the mechanism of transfer of resistance among bacteria.

Cutting Down Barriers In Bacterial Genome Editing

Scientists are fighting drug-resistant microbes with a new CRISPR-Cas gene editing method that can be transferred between bacterial strains.

Automating The Evolution Of Antimicrobial Resistance

To deepen their understanding of antimicrobial resistance, researchers have developed a robotic system that could evolve bacteria in bulk after exposure to different antibiotics.

Breathing New Life Into Old Antibiotics

Scientists in Japan have identified safer alternatives to an 80-year old antibiotic by rapidly generating and screening thousands of the drug’s structural variants.

Combating Superbugs Through Comic Books (VIDEO)

From antimicrobial resistance to COVID-19, infectious diseases physician Dr. Hsu Li Yang is tackling the world’s most pressing public health issues through comic books.

Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance Through Comic Books

Dr. Hsu Li Yang and Sonny Liew, creators of The Antibiotic Tales, share how they made a comic book addressing the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Understanding Southeast Asians’ Attitudes Towards Antibiotics

UK scientists report that awareness of drug resistance in Thailand and Laos is similar to that of many industrialized countries, but this does not translate to more stringent antibiotic use.

Study Reveals Contextual Clues To Help Reduce Antibiotic Use

Contextual information should be collected to identify factors that would influence the effectiveness of interventions such as antibiotic control, researchers say.

Drug-Resistant Bacteria Linked To Higher In-Hospital Deaths In India

An international research group has demonstrated that multi-drug resistant or extensively drug resistant bacteria are becoming a threat to public health in India.

Viruses Supercharge Superbug Evolution

Viruses can transfer large chunks of bacterial genomes—including antibiotic resistance genes—among bacteria species.