animal behavior

Disgust Helps Animals Avoid Diseases

The study highlights significant variations in disgust behavior across species, influenced by their social systems and ecological niches.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s March 2021 Roundup

Embark on a billion-year scientific odyssey through Asian Scientist Magazine’s top stories from March 2021.

Off With Their Heads! Decapitated Sea Slug Head Regrows Body

Much like a body horror movie plot, sea slugs may chop off their own heads to rid themselves of parasites, find scientists in Japan.

Tiny Ultrasound Device Stimulates Mouse’s Brain

Using a lightweight capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer, researchers in South Korea were able to noninvasively stimulate the mouse brain to a depth of three to four millimeters.

Songbirds Love Public Displays Of Affection

Researchers in Japan have found that songbirds are more passionate in front of an audience, especially that of the opposite sex.

Drones Used To Herd Birds (VIDEO)

An international team of researchers has developed drones and a herding algorithm to shepherd birds away from airports.

Crocodile Attacks On The Rise In East Timor

East Timor’s growing population of saltwater crocodiles have increasingly been encountering—and attacking—humans.

Snow Monkeys Take Hot Baths To Destress

Taking hot spring baths during winter reduces the levels of stress hormones in Japanese macaques, researchers say.

How Whales Eat In Energy Saving Mode

Scientists in Japan have discovered that whales have adapted their feeding behavior to the polluted waters of the upper Gulf of Thailand.

Just Like You, Chimpanzees Get Disgusted Too

Scientists in Japan have found that there may be a protective basis for the emotion of disgust in primates.