Speak Math, Not Code

Writing algorithms in mathematics rather than code is not only more elegant but also more efficient, says 2013 Turing Award winner Leslie Lamport.

Putting A Security Algorithm To Rest

Researchers have demonstrated that a security algorithm called SHA-1 can be easily subverted by malicious actors in cyberspace.

The (Software) Bug Doctor

SMU Associate Professor David Lo has developed automated solutions to help software developers efficiently detect and repair defects in their code.

The Promise And Limitation Of Blockchain

Companies have been searching for ways to solve practical problems using blockchain technology, but there is not yet a one-size-fits-all solution, said a panel of experts at SMU.

From Algorithms To Analysts

Algorithmic trading, information acquisition and analyst work-life balance were just a few of the diverse topics discussed at the SMU School of Accounting Research Symposium.

Algorithm Improves Quantum Computer Efficiency

Combinatorial optimization problems can now be solved more efficiently with an algorithm developed by Tohoku University researchers.

School’s In–With Machines As Students

Learning is something that humans do naturally. Machines, on the other hand, could use some help from Associate Professor Steven Hoi of the SMU School of Information Systems.

Wanted: Soft Skills For Deep Tech

In the future economy, strong technical skills must go hand-in-hand with soft skills like empathy and curiosity, said a panel of tech insiders.

Road Trip Realities

Road tripping humans, rejoice. You’re still in the driver’s seat—for now.

Finding Consensus On Cancer Vulnerabilities

Using a system that integrates readouts from multiple genomics analysis algorithms, a research group in Singapore is able to pinpoint targeted therapies for individual tumors.