Corals Punish Selfish Algae

Corals cut off nutrient supply to algae living inside them, if the algae don’t share their nutrients with corals.

Turning Algae Into Designer Fat Factories

The discovery of enzymes that can selectively attach fatty acids to glycerol paves the way for customizable or designer fats.

‘Magic Soil’ Turns The Tide Against Algal Blooms

Chinese researchers have modified clay to inhibit algal blooms that threaten Chile’s aquaculture stock.

Switching On Starch Production In Algae

Researchers have discovered a way to increase the amount of starch produced by red algae, with implications for the future of biofuel production.

Supercharging Algae’s Ability To Produce Biofuels

Scientists in Japan have identified an enzyme in red algae that could help improve biofuel production.

Zombie Algae Reveal How Multicellular Animals Move

Scientists in Japan have used ‘zombie algae’ to better understand how multicellular organisms move in response to light stimulation.

5 Times The Circadian Clock Ruled The Day

By now you must have heard that research on the circadian clock has won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2017; but did you know that it also affects female fertility, among other things?

The Red Tides Of Death: A Deadly Tale Of Harmful Algal Blooms

As beautiful as they may be, dinoflagellates and diatoms can sometimes wreak havoc.

‘Ecosystem Canaries’ Warn Against Environmental Tipping Points

Vital information about the overall health of an ecosystem may be lurking in data about 'inconsequential species' like bugs and grubs, according to a study.

The Genetic Dance Of Corals & Algae

In the very early stages of coral symbiosis—four hours, to be exact—algae induces significant changes in coral gene expression.