Alcohol Intake Linked To Stroke Risk In East Asians

An international team of researchers has found that alcohol increases stroke risk by about 35 percent for every 280 grams of alcohol a week in East Asians.

An Unusual Whey To Brew Alcoholic Beverages

Scientists in Singapore have turned tofu whey, which is often discarded, into a substrate for producing a tasty alcoholic beverage.

Zero Waste, One Reaction, Two Chemicals

Researchers have developed a method to create alcohol and esters for industrial and medical use without any waste or the need for harmful reagents.

Fancy A Beer From A 5,000-Year-Old Recipe? (VIDEO)

Remnants of a 5,000-year-old ‘beer-making toolkit’ found in Northern China reveal a surprising recipe for this ubiquitous beverage.

Oxytocin Helps Rats Sober Up

A dose of the hormone oxytocin can help rats pass a sobriety test with flying colors.

People Who Flush After Drinking Face Greater Hypertension Risk

Researchers have found that people who flush after drinking alcohol are at a higher risk for drinking-related hypertension compared to non-flushers.

Study Asks What Type Of Drinker Are You?

RMIT University researchers have studied thousands of alcohol drinkers to reveal four types of drinkers.

Drinking In Pregnancy Affects Children Academically

Pregnant women who regularly drink as little as two glasses of wine can adversely impact their child's results at school, says a new study.

Study Dispels Belief That Alcohol Causes Depression

There is no truth to the long-held belief that alcohol causes depression, according to a study by researchers in Australia.