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China’s Father Of Hybrid Rice, Yuan Longping, Passes At 90 (In Memoriam)

Yuan Longping’s seminal work on cultivating hybrid rice varieties helped feed millions in China and around the world.

Gay Jane Perez: The Philippines’ Space Whisperer

For helping launch the Philippines’ first microsatellites, Dr. Gay Jane Perez is proof that the sky’s the limit in agricultural innovation.

Advancing Agriculture In Asia

Asia’s exponential economic growth combined with its vulnerability to threats like climate change has spurred exciting innovations from researchers in the region.

Science’s Seismic Shift Towards Asia

The world’s scientific center of gravity is shifting towards Asia—where, given current projections, it will probably long remain.

Cultivating CRISPR For Crops

For gene editing technologies like CRISPR to make a positive impact on agriculture, they must be embraced by companies both big and small. Corteva Agriscience is encouraging open innovation to help bridge the gap.

Corteva Agriscience Opens Asia-Pacific Office In Singapore

Corteva Agriscience, the agriculture division of DowDuPont, has opened its Asia Pacific head office in Singapore.

A Wrinkled Approach To Producing Plant Oils

Singapore-based scientists have modified the Wrinkled1 gene in plants to raise seed oil yield by up to 15 percent.

Dehusk Before Parboiling To Reduce Arsenic Levels In Rice

An international team of scientists showed that parboiling wholegrain rice reduced inorganic arsenic levels by 25 percent while more than doubling calcium content of the grains.

Tracking The Spread Of Cassava Mosaic Virus

The Sri Lankan cassava mosaic virus threatens 3.5 million hectares of crops in Southeast Asia, highlighting the need for disease-resistant varieties, say researchers.

Scientists Decode The Genome Of The Pacific White Shrimp

The Pacific white shrimp's genome spans approximately 1.66 Gb and contains 25,596 protein-coding genes.