aging population

Igniting Innovation—Bernard Loke Of BioLogic Technik

Cultivating a culture of open innovation has helped biomechanics company BioLogic Technik create useful technologies for Singapore’s rapidly aging population.

Weight Change In Elderly Linked To Dementia Risk

Rapid weight change—a ten percent or higher increase or decrease in BMI—over a two-year period raises dementia risk, say researchers in South Korea.

Obese Elderly Have Fewer Years Of Healthy Life, Study Shows

Analyzing data from a survey of Singaporean adults over the age of 60, researchers reported that obese seniors have a higher risk of experiencing physical limitations in old age.

Reading THE SIGNS Of Wellbeing In Singapore

Singapore researchers have found that 62 percent of older Singaporeans rated their own health as good, very good or excellent.

Strengthening Life’s Shock Absorbers

What factors can help the elderly bounce back from life ‘shocks’ like unemployment and the diagnosis of a major illness?

Happiness Is Key To A Long And Healthy Life

Happy older people have a 19 percent lower likelihood of dying compared to their less happy peers, scientists say.

Old Age, New Tech

As the silver tsunami hits shores across the globe, robots and other assistive technologies are being deployed to meet the needs of the elderly.

The Face Of Future Employment

As more elderly Singaporeans face the prospect of working well into their sixties, the gig economy may become an important avenue of employment.

Helping Seniors Unlock The Value Of Their Homes

Singaporean seniors would be better prepared for retirement if they could monetize their homes, according to data from the Singapore Life Panel®.

The Economics Of Ageing Well

SMU's Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing aims to find out what can be done to help older Singaporeans live better.