Asian Scientist Magazine’s January 2021 Roundup

Starting the year with surprising uses for human waste in space and ancient worm fossils, here are five of Asian Scientist Magazine’s top pieces from January 2021.

Aerogel Harvests Water From Thin Air

A single kilogram of this new aerogel can generate enough drinking water to meet a household's daily needs

Turning Old Tires Into New Aerogels

By converting scrap tires into a useful aerogel, researchers hope to incentivise the recycling of rubber waste.

Synthesizing Stretchy And Strong Aerogels

Inspired by a spider’s silk web, researchers in China have fabricated superelastic hard carbon nanofiber aerogels.

Turning Plastic Bottles Into Aerogels

Researchers have found a way to convert plastic waste into a material that can be modified to absorb oil and carbon dioxide.

Fabricating Aerogels From Fabric Waste

Scientists in Singapore have developed an aerogel from cotton-based waste that can be used to stop excessive bleeding.

Marshmallow Gel Makes Embryos Easier To Transport

Scientists in Japan have developed marshmallow-like silicone gels as insulation for transferring cryopreserved embryos between laboratories.

Flexible Electronics Inspired By Plants

A plant stem has inspired researchers to develop a versatile aerogel that could be used in bendable devices.