Freddy Boey Appointed NUS Deputy President For Innovation & Enterprise

In his new role, Professor Freddy Boey will oversee the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, research translation and graduate studies, as well as assume leadership of NUS Enterprise.

7 Must-Read Stories In November 2018

This month, our articles featuring leading ladies in science were popular; news about decaffeinated tea and probiotics also drew interest.

7 Must-Read Stories In October 2018

October was Nobel season—check out our stories on Physiology or Medicine laureates Professor Tasuku Honjo (2018) and Sir Richard J. Roberts (1993).

7 Must-Read Stories In September 2018

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Helping Research Collaborations Flourish

Plant the seed of collaboration well, and an ecosystem of meaningful research will grow from it, says Professor Lam Khin Yong.

Singapore Honors Outstanding Researchers At PSTA 2018

The awards recognize scientists who have helped place Singapore on the map of global research.

SMU Launches US$3.3 Million Center For AI And Data Governance

The new Center for AI and Data Governance will focus on three integrated streams—AI and society; AI and industry; and AI and commercialization.

7 Must-Read Stories In August 2018

From anti-aging research to science stories for the young (and the young at heart), here's what you might have missed in August.

Amicable Authorship

Deciding on a paper’s authors should be easy, but is it?

7 Must-Read Stories In July 2018

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