3d printing

The Power Of Waste Heat

Scientists from South Korea used 3D printing to develop thermoelectric inks, which helped design tubes that can convert waste heat into electricity.

bioink, 3D printing

Printing Organs On-Demand With Safe Bioink

Scientists from South Korea have created a novel bioink compatible with the human body, enabling complex yet safe 3D printing of tissues and organs.

Turning Pollen Into Printing Ink

Researchers from Singapore have repurposed sunflower pollen into a sustainable and affordable bioprinting ink with applications in tissue engineering and drug delivery.

Nuts & Bolts—Hot Off The (3D) Printing Press

Though 3D printing has been around for a while, it’s still regarded by many as a niche technology. These three TechOffers promise to finally bring 3D printing into the mainstream.

Chocolate Ink For 3D Printed Desserts

By considering the flow properties of syrups and pastes mixed with cocoa powder, Singapore-based researchers have found a way to 3D print chocolate at room temperature.

3D Printing Gets A Boost With Data-Driven Design

Combined analysis of geometry, topology, structure and material data can be used to optimize the designs of 3D printed products, say researchers in Singapore.

This 3D-Printed Hand Can Play Rock, Paper, Scissors

A new 3D-printed prosthetic hand can learn the wearers’ movement patterns to help amputee patients perform daily tasks.

3D Printing A Better Artificial Cornea

A research team in South Korea has used 3D printing to fabricate a transparent cornea by mimicking human corneal structure.

3D Printing ‘Paper Organs’

Researchers from China and the US have 3D printed cellulose to create scaffolds that could be used to generate tissue models for drug screening.

3D Printed Droplets On Demand

Creating complex emulsions just got easier with a customizable droplet generator built by scientists in Singapore.