Nicola Wittekindt


Nicola Wittekindt received a PhD in Molecular Toxicology from the Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH) Zürich, Switzerland, and a MSc in Biology from the University of Konstanz, Germany. She is currently a science writer at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Stories by Nicola Wittekindt

Taking Nano Big: A Conversation With Subbu Venkatraman

We speak to Professor Subbu Venkatraman, founding director of the NTU-Northwestern Nanomedicine Institute, on how he is leading an international effort to ramp up nanomedical research in Singapore.

GYSS@one-north 2015: How To Win A Nobel Prize

According to Sir Timothy Hunt, winning a Nobel Prize takes aptitude, the right environment and sometimes, a little luck.

Gut Microbes Influence Blood-Brain Barrier

In the absence of bacteria, mouse pups are born with a leaky blood brain barrier that persists to adulthood.

Tracking Malaria’s Emerging Drug Resistance

A microarray analysis of Southeast Asian malaria patients has revealed the factors driving the growing resistance to the drug Artemisin.

Targeting The Achilles Heel Of Cancer Cells

By targeting proteins only expressed in cancer cells and reducing drug toxicity, scientists hope to be able to fight cancer better.

GYSS 2014: Nobel Laureates Say Have Fun Doing Science

At the 2014 Global Young Scientists Summit, a panel of scientific leaders discussed the challenges they face as scientists.

GYSS 2014: Making Diseases Personal

Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover speaks to budding researchers at the Global Young Scientists Summit 2014 on the revolution of personalized medicine.