Ivan Seah


Ivan Seah Yu Jun is a medical student at the University of Glasgow Wolfson Medical School in the UK.

Stories by Ivan Seah

Taxing By The Pound

As Asia transitions from battling infectious microbes to battling the bulge, can a controversial 'fat tax' in Japan keep waistlines under control?

Gut Bacteria & Your Waistline

As expanding waistlines continue to threaten Asia, Ivan Seah examines a surprising link between obesity and the bacteria that inhabit our gut.

5 Health Myths, Debunked!

Remember all those times you were given dubious health advice? Here are five health myths that we hope to debunk with empirical evidence from scientific studies.

To Dissect Or Not To Dissect

Is dissection the most efficient way to study anatomy, or simply a rite of passage? Ivan Seah discusses pioneering new techniques in the study of anatomy.

Studying Medicine Overseas: A Singaporean Student’s Perspective

Like a fish out of water, says Ivan Seah, when asked how he felt as a first-year medical school student at the University of Glasgow Wolfson Medical School.

Why I Want To Be A Clinician Scientist

Ivan Seah, a first-year Singaporean medical student, writes about why he wants to become a clinician scientist someday.