IRIN was launched in 1995, in response to the gap in humanitarian reporting exposed by the Rwandan genocide and its aftermath. It is an editorially independent, non-profit project of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), funded entirely by voluntary contributions from governments and other institutions.

Stories by IRIN News

Leprosy Staging Comeback In Myanmar

Since meeting an interim target on leprosy in 2003, elimination efforts in Myanmar have taken a back seat to other infectious diseases.

More Work On HIV In Laos Needed

Though the incidence of HIV/AIDS in Laos is relatively low, more could be done to improve awareness and treatment coverage, say health officials.

Mystery Kidney Disease Spreads In Sri Lanka

Scientists have been unable to determine the cause of a kidney disease which mainly affects farmers over 40.

Drug-Resistant Malaria Gaining Ground In SE Asia

Although malaria deaths and diagnoses have declined, a worrying drug-resistance is emerging in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia “Hotspot” for Emerging Infectious Diseases

With increased urbanization and air travel, Southeast Asia has become a “hotspot” for emerging infectious diseases, experts say.

Vietnam’s Foray Into Social Marketing Of Nutrition

The Vietnamese government is using social marketing to change consumer behavior, but unlike private sector marketing, the goal is to benefit consumers rather than the marketer.

Study: Bangladesh Makes Strides In Healthcare Despite Poverty

Despite its high poverty level, Bangladesh has achieved lower infant mortality rates compared to India, Pakistan and Nepal.

Cambodia In First Measles-Rubella Drive

Cambodia has stepped up as the first Asian country to introduce a measles-rubella vaccination campaign.

Bangladesh’s Battle With Fake And Low-Standard Medicine

The Bangladeshi government has vowed to continue fighting the growing industry of illicit, substandard, counterfeit and life-endangering medicines openly sold in pharmacies.