Carving A Niche—An Interview With Jean-Luc Fringeli Of MDesign Solutions

Local consulting firm MDesign Solutions harnesses their processes and expertise to support open innovation and product development.

AsianScientist (May. 19, 2022) – From lightbulbs to electric cars—a great product starts with an innovator and an idea. But what happens next? Getting a product from the drawing board to the hands of the consumer takes extensive conceptualisation, prototyping, cost analysis, manufacturing, validation and so much more.

Enter MDesign Solutions, a consulting firm and solutions provider that has supported over 120 clients across all stages of product development—from business management to manufacturing. Through matching opportunities and open innovation challenges, MDesign Solutions has been able to tap onto IPI’s network to support a variety of innovators as they develop valuable products.

In this interview, Jean-Luc Fringeli, Managing Director of MDesign Solutions, shares the firm’s unique capabilities, extensive track record and openness to collaboration.

  1. What are MDesign Solutions’ key capabilities?

We work with clients from the ideation stage to manufacturing to create medical devices, consumer electronics and robots. Our team comprises experienced engineers who make use of two main frameworks: our developmental Product Creation Process that was inspired by Philips for consumer electronics and the ISO 13485 standards for medical devices.

  1. What is unique about MDesign Solutions’ approach to open innovation in Singapore?

In our eyes, innovation comes from a group of individuals with the same focus. MDesign Solutions is very well connected within the Singapore and ASEAN product development ecosystem. When we start a project, we form a team of highly-qualified people to work with the customer on the best and most innovative outcome possible.

  1. Can you share some examples of how collaborating with MDesign Solutions has benefitted companies locally and overseas?

To date, we have developed more than 300 products. With this deep experience, we can help local companies commercialize their technologies and ideas. For example, a team from Singapore could spend months developing an algorithm using artificial intelligence. With our capabilities, we can support the development of the final product, from mechanics and electronics to firmware, so that the customer can focus on their core technology or their market.

On the international stage, our services are geared toward prototyping and manufacturing. We often help European companies transfer their designs to contract manufacturers based in Asia and manage the production on the customer’s behalf.

  1. What kinds of companies and collaborators are you looking to work with?

For 17 years, MDesign Solutions has provided product development services for other companies. Over time, we recognized that the market has shifted and the traditional consulting model may not be enough for many companies. We decided to launch the Product Incubator to develop a complete and certified product that is ready for sales.

It is an interesting model for commercial companies that excel in marketing, sales and distribution since they can take these products to the hands of their clients without bearing the development costs. These commercial companies can even propose to launch a product if they see an opportunity.

  1. How can companies engage and begin working with MDesign Solutions? 

We just need an email or a meeting. Within a few minutes, we can assess whether your needs can be addressed by MDesign Solutions services or our Product Incubator.

  1. Can you share some examples of how IPI has been able to help MDesign Solutions through the partnership?

IPI is one of our key partners in Singapore. The IPI team understands the complexity in launching a product and is able to put interested companies together. Besides the Open Innovation Challenges, IPI has connected us with many companies that need help with product creation. IPI has a deep pool of knowledge and contacts, and we hope to work with them even more in the future.


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