HKU’s Ron Hui Named UK Royal Academy Of Engineering Fellow

Professor Hui was recognized for his research on environmentally-friendly technologies, energy saving features and reduction of electronic waste.

AsianScientist (Oct. 31, 2016) – Professor Ron Hui, chair professor of power electronics and Philip Wong Wilson Wong Professor of electrical engineering at the University of Hong Kong, has been named a Fellow by the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK.

Hui was recognized for his research spanning decades and focusing on power electronics, with emphasis on energy saving features, environmentally-friendly technologies and reduction of electronic waste. Besides publishing extensively in top-tier research journals in power electronics, he has over 55 patents adopted by industry.

His achievements in planar wireless power transfer and sustainable lighting technology have been previously recognized by the US Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers, Institution of Engineering & Technology UK and the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering.

Presently, Professor Hui and his team are studying new omnidirectional wireless power transfer for 3D wireless charging and electric springs for stabilizing power systems with increasing renewable energy generation.


Source: University of Hong Kong.
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