Former Chairman Of Shell Singapore Awarded IChemE Honorary Fellowship

Lee Tzu Yang was recognized by the Institution of Chemical Engineers for his commitment to Singapore’s growth in the petroleum and petrochemicals sector.

AsianScientist (Oct. 26, 2016) – Mr. Lee Tzu Yang, former chairman of Shell Singapore and current chairman of the Singapore University of Technology and Design, has been awarded an honorary fellowship by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) in recognition of his commitment to Singapore’s growth in the petroleum and petrochemicals sector. Lee is the second Singaporean to receive the recognition, one of the highest honors awarded by IChemE.

IChemE Honorary Fellowships are reserved for distinguished individuals from the chemical and process industries that have made significant contributions to their field. Lee is IChemE’s first 2016 Honorary Fellow, and joins such high-profile figures as former BP Chief Executive Sir John Browne, nuclear industry expert Dame Sue Ion, and fellow Singaporean and former Minister for Education Mr. Lee Yock Suan.

Lee founded the Workplace Safety and Health Council in 2008 and was chairman for eight years. The council has contributed to the drafting of Singapore’s Safety Case Legislation. In addition, he is currently chairman of the board of the Singapore’s national center for performing arts, the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore, and the National University of Singapore Middle East Institute.

“I am honored to receive this award from IChemE. I did not train as a chemical engineer, and I learnt much from those with whom I worked, especially in process safety. I have enormous respect for the profession and the benefits it brings,” said Lee.

“Chemical engineers provide us the building blocks for everyday products as well as materials for new applications. Energy, water, food, medicines and synthetic fibres are just examples of the contributions they make to society.”


Source: Singapore University of Technology and Design.
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