China To Spend Half Of R&D Budget On Applied Research By End Of 2020

By the end of the 2020, the Chinese Academy of Sciences plans to spend half of its research budget on applied research.

AsianScientist (Sep. 19, 2016) – By the end of the 2020, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) plans to spend 50 percent of its research budget on applied research, 40 percent on basic research, and 10 percent on research and development. This is according to a five-year plan announced by CAS in Beijing recently.

The plan sets CAS’ strategy for the five-year period from 2016 to 2020, with the goal of becoming a top-ranked, globally influential and competitive research institution.

Released by CAS President Professor Bai Chunli, the plan outlines programs in areas ranging from particle physics and galactic structure, to brain science and artificial intelligence, as well as oceanology, ecology and the environment, among others. CAS aims to achieve in these fields 60 major science and technology breakthroughs as well as undertake 80 key projects that are outlined in the plan.

Ongoing projects will also be a major focus of the Academy. These projects include manned space exploration and lunar probes, high-resolution earth observation, nanotechnology, precision control of protein machinery and life processes, restoration and protection of fragile ecological areas, strategic advanced electronic materials, quantum control and information, and deep sea research.

During the five-year plan period, the Academy will build three to five large-scale international cooperative science projects, more national laboratories, and about ten overseas research institutions. In addition, it aims to further develop its intellectual property rights and industrial technology standards, as well as practical applications for its research output.


Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences; Photo: Pixabay.
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