Fosun & Partner For Pharma E-Commerce

The cooperation agreement between Fosun Pharmaceuticals and is expected to expand’s pharmaceutical e-commerce platform.

AsianScientist (Jul. 31, 2015) – Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co.,Ltd. and Guahao (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., have signed a strategic cooperation agreement for online-to-offline (O2O) alignment.

Fosun Pharma is a major player China’s pharmaceutical industry, while is China’s largest Internet-based medical platform and has been approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China.

Under the terms of the agreement, both parties will focus on four major sectors, namely pharmaceutical e-commerce, medical services, commercial insurance and investment cooperation.

This new agreement builds upon a longstanding relationship between the two companies. In August 2014, obtained US$106.5 million in financing from Tencent, with Kinzon Capital under Fosun Pharma as one of the investors. Later that year, Fosun Pharma transferred the majority ownership of (金象网)—a Chinese pharmaceutical e-commerce company—to, with both parties jointly managing the operation of

Fosun Pharma will leverage its advantages in drug supply and distribution systems while provides with a database of buyers and users. According to’s data, as of 31 March, 2015,’s service covered 24 provinces and cities with 52.77 million patients with real-name authentication, with 160 million people making appointment requests in 2014 alone.

“The strategic cooperation between and Fosun Pharma will enormously expand’s internet-based e-business,” said Mr. Liao Yuanjie, founder, chairman and CEO of Liao added that medical and healthcare big data from enables them to accurately understand users’ needs to ensure better matching with supply.

Apart from medical e-business, the cooperation agreement also focuses on internet-based medical services. As agreed by both parties, Fosun Pharma will introduce its doctor resources to’s We Doctor Group, with top experts being introduced as expert panels. will provide services including branding, patient matching, patient management and medical record management for the doctors in Fosun Pharma’s hospital resources.


Source: Fosun Pharma; Photo: Shutterstock.
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