7 Steps To Starting A Biotech Company

So you want to start a biotech company? Here are some tips to get you started!

It is by no means easy to start any company, more so a biotechnology company where the barriers to entry are high and the risks are formidable. However, the goal of making a tangible difference to the lives of consumers has attracted many to the scene. Here are seven steps that most biotechnology start-ups take:

  1. Make absolutely sure that your idea has a true market need
  2. Good ideas are just that: good ideas. At this stage, it is absolutely crucial that you speak to scientists, venture capitalists and any potential customers to assess whether there is a genuine market need for your product.

  3. Identify founders and key personnel
  4. Look for people who share your vision for the company, and who see themselves as stakeholders rather than just employees.

  5. Find a good attorney and incorporate your company
  6. Incorporating your company protects you, the founder, from liabilities incurred by the company and makes it easier for you to raise capital through the sale of equity.

  7. Conceive a business plan and marketing strategy
  8. Your technology might be revolutionary, but be realistic about how much it will cost to bring your product to market, what your business model is, and whether your product is truly unique.

  9. Bootstrap until you reach proof-of-concept
  10. Don’t quit your day job! Keep your expenses low and work towards a minimum viable product.

  11. Find paying customers and/or raise seed capital
  12. Bootstrapping has its limits, of course. It is crucial that you are continually on the lookout for new streams of revenue.

  13. Advance the technology through successive product development milestones
  14. Which brings us to our last point. It is important that you set tangible, achievable development milestones to boost investor confidence and make it easier for you to secure your next round of funding.


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