Samsung Delves Into Diagnostics With Thermo Fisher

In partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific, Samsung Electronics seeks to break into the healthcare diagnostics market.

AsianScientist (Dec. 5, 2014) – Samsung Electronics has formed a strategic collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific to meet the healthcare industry’s demand for better point-of-care (POC) diagnostics.

The companies will jointly design, develop and market new POC solutions in key applications, such as the detection of sepsis, drugs of abuse and therapeutic drug monitoring as well as the detection of cardiac problems and women’s health conditions.

“Samsung has developed a compelling and innovative suite of POC platforms,” said Dr. Marc Tremblay, president of Thermo Fisher’s clinical diagnostics business. “We look forward to working with Samsung to add some of our leading biomarkers and assays to their platforms to create a truly differentiated testing menu.”

“We are very excited to leverage Thermo Fisher Scientific’s strong commercial sales and service channels, as well as the potential to offer a broader range of tests to our customers and their patients,” said Mr. Cho Soo-In, president and head of the health & medical equipment business at Samsung. “This strategic collaboration combines the strengths of two industry leaders to accelerate POC innovation and more rapidly bring solutions to market.”

POC testing enables patient diagnoses in a physician’s office, an ambulance or anywhere in the field, facilitating more rapid diagnosis and treatment.


Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific.
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