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Here are the winners of our October 2014 print magazine #scientistselfie contest. Check out their cool projects!

Ever wondered about the people behind the amazing research being done in Asia? Asian Scientist Magazine asked our readers to submit a #scientistselfie and explain the interesting projects they work on. Here is a selection of some of the coolest people and projects, enjoy!

Sungchan Hong
Sungchan Hong,
University of Tsukuba,

“I am interested in the aerodynamics of sports balls.”

Sim Shuzhen,
Genome Institute of Singapore

“I am dissecting mosquitoes to study their response to dengue virus.”

Mohd Harimi Abd Rahman,
Universiti Kebangsaan,

“I am studying the visual function, mental health and quality of life among low vision patients with diabetic retinopathy.”

Lim Wan Chee
Lim Wan Chi,
UCSI University,

“I am strain typing S. aureus from atopic dermatitis patients.”

Kristina Gecain,
University of the Philippines, Diliman

“I am using a bomb calorimeter to get the heat content of a biomass.”

Allan Ng Wee Ren,
UCSI University,

“I am analyzing an SDS-PAGE gel to understand the purification efficiency of polyphenol oxidase extracted from various vegetables.”


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