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9th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition - 2015 (APCCN 2015) (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Starts: January 26, 2015
Ends: January 29, 2015
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Details: In cognizance of the prevailing nutritional disorders across the Asia-Pacific region, we have chosen to take on the theme: "Prevention and management of diseases through the life cycle: The role of nutrition and physical activity" for the Conference.

5th Annual Pharma R&D Asia Congress - 2015 (Shanghai, China)
Starts: January 27, 2015
Ends: January 28, 2015
Location: Shanghai, China
Details: Attended by over 170 industry leaders, the 5th Annual Pharma R&D World Asia Congress will consist of case studies in novel scientific innovations in Discovery and Development in Asia.

4th Annual Clinical Development and Trials Asia Congress - 2015 (Shanghai, China)
Starts: January 27, 2015
Ends: January 28, 2015
Location: Shanghai, China
Details: Attended by over 170 industry leaders, the 4th Annual Clinical Development and Trials Asia Congress will offer invaluable insights into the changing regulatory environment in China and surrounding regions and cover successful strategies and innovative technologies in enabling clinical development and clinical trial management.

Ovarian Club V: Asia-Pacific Version - 2015 (Hong Kong)
Starts: January 31, 2015
Ends: February 1, 2015
Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
Details: The Meeting will balance the best of oocyte-related science, from stem cells to matured eggs ready for harvest, fertilization, and beyond; and the new paradigm of changing our mind set from ovarian drug "stimulation” to getting optimum oocytes from patients presenting with different medical situations.

2nd International Conference on Intelligent Agriculture - 2015 (ICOIA - 2015) (Singapore)
Starts: February 2, 2015
Ends: February 3, 2015
Location: Singapore
Details: ICOIA 2015 will be published in International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES: Print ISSN 0973-6077; Online ISSN 0974-0260), which will be indexed by EI Engineering Village, SCOPUS, EBSCOhost, GOOGLE Scholar, JournalSeek, J-Gate etc.

4th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Sciences - 2015 (SEES 2015) (Singapore)
Starts: February 9, 2015
Ends: February 10, 2015
Location: Singapore
Details: Today’s challenge is to inspire the environmental science community through the interchange of knowledge and sharing of best practices in a global-scale context and toward advances for a low-carbon future. This conference serve as a platform for researchers, academics and scientists from the environmental science community and to provide an avenue for robust exchange of information on technological advances, new scientific achievements, and the effectiveness of various environmental regulation programmes.

International Conference on Agricultural, Ecological and Medical Sciences - 2015 (AEMS-2015) (Penang, Malaysia)
Starts: February 10, 2015
Ends: February 11, 2015
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Details: International Conference on Agricultural, Ecological and Medical Sciences (AEMS-2015) scheduled on Feb. 10-11, 2015 Penang (Malaysia) aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Agricultural, Ecological and Medical Sciences, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.

6th Annual National Dementia Congress - 2015 (Melbourne, Australia)
Starts: February 19, 2015
Ends: February 20, 2015
Location: Sheraton Hotel, Melbourne, Australia
Details: Focusing on Making Dementia Care Transformation Happen Today, the two day conference showcased exciting new cases studies and the latest innovations from across the whole dementia pathway, from diagnosis to end of life.

Clinical Application of Stem Cells (Singapore)
Starts: February 26, 2015
Ends: February 27, 2015
Location: Academia, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore
Details: The Singapore Bioimaging Consortium and Select Biosciences South East Asia present the Clinical Applications of Stem Cells.

The conference aims to bring together researchers and clinicians focusing on translating basic discoveries in the stem cells field into applications for regenerative medicine and cellular therapy. How the global regulatory agencies view the translational efforts will also be specifically looked into.

The meeting will run over two full days, with presentations from clinicians, regulatory bodies, academia and industry, leading into panel discussions each afternoon to cover the points raised during the earlier sessions. It will provide attendees with a detailed overview of the current research, clinical practices and regulatory requirements in this rapidly developing field.

1st International Brain Stimulation Conference - 2015 (Singapore)
Starts: March 2, 2015
Ends: March 4, 2015
Location: Singapore
Details: Lectures by engineers and psychiatrists; cognitive neuroscientists mingle with neurosurgeons and brain modelling physicists. This fertile cross-disciplinary meeting will set the stage for the next generation of advances in this field.

Infectious Diseases Far East Discovery Cruise March 2015 (Hong Kong)
Starts: March 2, 2015
Ends: March 16, 2015
Location: Aboard Holland America's ms Volendam, Hong Kong
Details: The purpose of this CME activity is to outline the management of infectious challenges in clinical practice including emerging infections and to update practitioners on antibiotics, new antimicrobials and preventive choices.

5th Annual OTC Pharma Asia - 2015 (Singapore)
Starts: March 2, 2015
Ends: March 5, 2015
Location: Singapore
Details: OTC Pharma Asia is the ONLY regional OTC and health supplement marketing conference in Asia, featuring success stories from Heads of OTC, health supplements and consumer health marketers from across the region. Hear from Boehringer, Merck, RB & more!

Fourth International Conference on Science, Social Science and Management - 2015 (IC3SM - 2015) (Singapore)
Starts: March 7, 2015
Ends: March 7, 2015
Location: Singapore
Details: The key intention of IC3SM 2015 is to provide opportunity for the global participants to share their ideas and experience in person with their peers expected to join from different parts on the world.

5th International Conference on Environment and Industrial Innovation - 2015 (ICEII - 2015) (Seoul, South Korea)
Starts: March 10, 2015
Ends: March 11, 2015
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Details: The aim objective of the 2015 5th International Conference on Environment and Industrial Innovation (ICEII 2015) is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Environment and Industrial Innovation.

Courage Fund Infectious Disease Conference - 2015 (CFIDC-2015) (Singapore)
Starts: March 11, 2015
Ends: March 13, 2015
Location: Singapore
Details: The Courage Fund was established by two young doctors to provide for healthcare workers affected by the SARS epidemic in 2003 and the people of Singapore donated a considerable amount of funds to prevent and control SARS and future epidemics of infectious diseases.

3rd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - 2015 (ICBCB 2015) (Hong Kong, China)
Starts: March 12, 2015
Ends: March 13, 2015
Location: Hong Kong, China
Details: The idea of the conference is for the scientists, scholars, engineers and students from the Universities all around the world and the industry to present ongoing research activities, and hence to foster research relations between the Universities and the industry.

Human Genome Meeting - 2015 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Starts: March 14, 2015
Ends: March 17, 2015
Location: KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Details: This conference will be a platform for sharing research outcomes and the diverse cultural background which is rooted in each and every one of our ‘DNA’.

International Conference on Marine Science and Aquaculture - 2015 (ICOMSA - 2015) (Sabah, Malaysia)
Starts: March 17, 2015
Ends: March 19, 2015
Location: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Details: The conference will provide a platform for scientist to present, discuss and share their research, findings and experiences which are related to its theme "CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES IN DEVELOPING BLUE ECONOMY " at international level.

MEDLAB 2015 Asia Pacific (Singapore)
Starts: March 18, 2015
Ends: March 20, 2015
Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Details: MEDLAB Asia Pacific will bring together leaders in the medical laboratory industry at an event designed to create maximum interaction and meeting opportiunities. Manufacturers, dealers and distributors can promote their brands, meet potential customers and entertain existing clients.

The 5th Biennial Congress of the Asian-Pacific Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association - 2015 (A-PHPBA - 2015) (Singapore)
Starts: March 18, 2015
Ends: March 21, 2015
Location: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore
Details: A-PHPBA 2015 provides medical professionals an excellent platform for the exchange of clinical and scientific knowledge on the latest developments and emerging challenges of hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) disorders.

24th Annual Medico Legal Congress - 2015 (Sydney, Australia)
Starts: March 19, 2015
Ends: March 20, 2015
Location: Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia
Details: Bringing together medical practitioners, lawyers, medical indemnity organisations and government representatives for open and informed discussions on recent legislation and medical negligence cases.

Symposium on Fetal Therapy - 2015 (Shatin, Hong Kong)
Starts: March 22, 2015
Ends: March 22, 2015
Location: Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin, Hong Kong
Details: I am glad to share with you that the 10th Asia Pacific Congress in Maternal Fetal Medicine was successfully organized in Singapore in August 2014, in which 700 people from more than 15 countries joined the meeting.

BioPharma Asia Convention 2015 (Singapore)
Starts: March 23, 2015
Ends: March 26, 2015
Location: Suntec S'pore Convention & Exhibition Centre Singapore
Details: BioPharma Asia Convention, the leading industry platform for pharmas, biotechs, CMOs, CROs, investors and other pharma stakeholders to come together and assess the latest trends, partnerships as well as to source for solutions across the pharma value chain in Asia.

Come 2015, we will look at Asia’s positioning in the global pharma landscape and discuss about its potential to rise as a leading continent of opportunities and a superpower in the global pharma industry. Join pharma superstars as they uncover the growth prospects of Asia’s pharma industry in the near future!

Integrated Health, Safety and Wellbeing Summit - 2015 (Sydney, Australia)
Starts: March 25, 2015
Ends: March 26, 2015
Location: Sydney, Australia
Details: The Women in Safety Leadership Summit 2015 will explore the nature of safety and address the inherent challenges and obstacles that have stopped women from accessing and acquiring senior safety leadership roles in the past.

The 2nd Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Conference - 2015 (LCCS - 2015) (Singapore)
Starts: March 28, 2015
Ends: March 29, 2015
Location: Singapore
Details: The 2nd Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Conference 2015's theme “Bringing Science into the Clinic” aims to highlight how major scientific discoveries and technology developments are rapidly transitioning to the clinic.

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