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Design of Modern Highrise Reinforced Concrete Structures



Publication date: 01/15/2002

ISBN: 978-1-86094-239-6 (hardcover)

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This book presents the results of a Japanese national research project carried out in 1988-1993, usually referred to as the New RC Project. Developing advanced reinforced concrete building structures with high strength and high quality materials under its auspices, the project aimed at promoting construction of highrise reinforced concrete buildings in highly seismic areas such as Japan. The project covered all the aspects of reinforced concrete structures, namely materials, structural elements, structural design, construction, and feasibility studies. In addition to presenting these results, the book includes two chapters giving an elementary explanation of modern analytical techniques, i.e. finite element analysis and earthquake response analysis.


  • RC Highrise Buildings in Seismic Areas (H Aoyama)
  • The New RC Project (H Hiraishi)
  • New RC Materials (M Abe & H Shiohara)
  • New RC Structural Elements (T Kaminosono)
  • Finite Element Analysis (H Noguchi)
  • Structural Design Principles (M Teshigawara)
  • Earthquake Response Analysis (T Kabeyasawa)
  • Construction of New RC Structures (Y Masuda)
  • Feasibility Studies and Example Buildings (H Fujitani)

Readership: Civil, ocean and marine engineers.