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CAS Goes Open Access

The Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Natural Science Foundation of China will require research articles to be deposited into open access repositories.

| May 21, 2014 | Academia,Top News

AsianScientist (May 21, 2014) - The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) will promote open access to scientific articles generated from publicly funded research.

In a statement, CAS said it will require its researchers and graduate students to deposit final, peer-reviewed manuscripts of research articles into the open access repositories of their respective institutes within 12 months of their official publication in academic journals.

CAS will also encourage researchers to deposit previously published articles into their respective institutional repositories as well.

The academy said open access will “facilitate knowledge dissemination and accelerate the globalization of science,” thus quickly transforming knowledge into innovation and benefiting social development.

As part of its new policy, the academy has also authorized libraries and information departments to develop detailed open access guidelines in accordance with copyright laws.

Open access has been widely accepted by the global science community and will be one of two main topics discussed at the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Global Research Council (GRC), to be held this month in Beijing.

The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) also issued a similar policy at the meeting supporting open access to the published results of all NSFC-funded projects.


Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences; Photo: RHUL_Library/Flickr/CC.

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