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DuPont Opens Office In Myanmar

Chemical manufacturer DuPont expands into Myanmar to tap the growing ASEAN market.

| March 5, 2014 | Technology

Asian Scientist (Mar. 5, 2014) – American chemical company DuPont has opened business operations in Myanmar, making it the 8th ASEAN country and the 19th Asia territory where DuPont has a presence.

With a population of 60 million people and a fast-growing economy, Myanmar faces pressing challenges including food security and the development of sustainable and clean energy sources.

“DuPont is applying its broad range of scientific knowledge and innovation to address these urgent needs. We believe that no company alone can solve them. We intend to work collaboratively with government, NGOs, academic, customers and business partners to find sustainable solutions,” said Hsing Ho, DuPont ASEAN Group Managing Director.

The company’s contributions include maximizing the yield from hybrid seeds through sustainable farming practices, protecting fields against pests and disease, enhancing the nutritional value of food, and reducing waste by packaging food to protect it from contaminants and decay.

DuPont Myanmar Managing Director Sittideth Sriprateth also sees opportunities in the energy sector.

“We also are uniquely positioned to address the rising demand for secure, environmentally sustainable and affordable energy sources such as solar energy. Over 70 percent of all photovoltaic solar panels ever made globally use DuPont materials,” Sittideth added.


Source: DuPont.
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