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7 Must-Read Stories In December 2013

Here are seven must-read stories from the December 2013 issue of Asian Scientist Magazine.

| December 30, 2013 | Top News

AsianScientist (Dec. 30, 2013) - Here are seven must-read stories from our December 2013 magazine.

  1. China Launches Chang’e-3 Lunar Probe
    China has launched its Chang’e-3 lunar probe mission which will land on the moon and deploy China’s first ever moon rover.
  2. Potential New Treatments For Leukemia
    Two international research teams have identified potential new treatments for a particular subtype of acute myeloid leukemia.
  3. Silkworms That Spin Colorful Silk Fibers
    Scientists have discovered a ‘greener’ dyeing method to producing colorful silk: by feeding dyed leaves to silkworms so they spin colored – rather than white – cocoons.
  4. Scientists Discover Potential Malarial Vaccine
    Scientists have discovered a key process during the invasion by the malaria parasite and a way to block it.
  5. 7 Funky Science Apps To Download
    Here are seven must-download science apps to keep you updated on the latest in science and technology.
  6. Southeast Asia Going Nuclear
    Southeast Asian countries are pushing forward in the use of nuclear power technology, says Barry Desker, Dean of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies.
  7. H. Pylori Vaccine Shows Promise In Mice
    Researchers in China have developed an oral vaccine against H. pylori, the bacteria responsible for some forms of gastric cancer.


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