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5 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Asian Scientist Magazine brings you five simple steps that may help you reduce your risk of developing cancer.

| November 7, 2013 | Health

AsianScientist (Nov. 7, 2013) - Here are five simple steps you probably should integrate into your daily routine (don't worry they are easy) to lead a longer, healthier life. Make a mental note of this list because incorporating these habits could help reduce your cancer risk.

Maintain a healthy weight

Sounds fairly easy but we all know how annoying and challenging it is to keep the weight off. You can’t be hiding all year round from birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and especially festive seasons. Some of us may be trapped on a weight rollercoaster, where our weight fluctuates from packing on the pounds to sweating it out at the gym. Our love affair with food can run hot and cold. We recommend reducing portion sizes and increasing physical activity—it's good to have some fat on the body but try not fall in the obese zone. According to a study, fat cells (adipocytes) release chemicals into the blood circulation (adipokine signaling) that could stimulate the growth of cancer cells.

More green, less red

Who doesn't love an iced cold cup of fruit juice on a hot, sunny day? It not only revives dry throats, it also provides a blast of vitamins, fiber and nutrients to the body. Likewise, fruits and veggies should not be limited to just hot days or selective days; they are best consumed on a daily basis, just pop in some apple slices or celery sticks as snacks. Now, meat eaters, you might not want to hear this but high consumers of cured meats and red meat have a significant but modest (20-30 percent) increased risk of colorectal cancer. Choose lean cuts and smaller portions of meat instead of gorging on that Big Mac.

Less boozing and smoking

If you're not much of a drinker, lucky you. It’s evident that people living in metropolitan cities are inclined to drink more alcohol. Take a look around and it’s likely that you will find bars pigeonholed at every corner of each street. It is the norm to wind down your day with a post-work drink, hit the bar with some friends or even have some quiet drinks at home. But hear this—even moderate drinking of alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Next, stay away from cigarettes, which may lead to a strong risk for lung cancer.

Ditch the harmful rays

Baking under the sun to get that "supermodel glow"... isn't going to get you anything but leathery, wrinkled skin that could even lead to skin cancer a couple of years later. So the next time you want that amazing tan, opt for some bronzing lotion instead. Stay in the shade, slab on plenty of sunscreen and ditch the tanning beds.

Getting screened

Wait! Before you overlook this point, we’d like to emphasize that getting screened is equally as important as any other previous points. Most people assume that because they lead a healthy lifestyle, it is not necessary to visit a doctor for a health exam or even get a cancer-related checkup. We hate to break your bubble, but some diseases or health problems cannot be 'felt' easily as they may not have any noticeable symptoms. Get a full health screen every couple of years just to be safe. Besides, the earlier cancer is detected, the greater the chance that treatment will be successful.


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