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7 Must-Read Stories In September 2013

Interesting and captivating articles of the month from the September 2013 issue of Asian Scientist Magazine.

| October 8, 2013 | Top News

AsianScientist (Oct. 8, 2013) - Here are seven must-read stories from our September 2013 magazine.

  1. Tiger Genome Reveals How Big Cats Evolved To Kill
    The tiger genome has been sequenced for the first time in a study that has revealed insights into how big cats evolved to become predators.
  2. 5 Facts Asians Should Know About Diabetes
    Facts and studies on diabetes in Asia that are sure to surprise you.
  3. The Magic Of Science: Where Did It Go?
    How do we win back disillusioned scientists who have transitioned from the starry eyed to the practical? Dr. Laasya Samhita of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore writes.
  4. Tiny Diamonds To Boost Leukemia Treatment
    Binding an anti-leukemia drug to nano-sized diamonds enhances the delivery of the drug to leukemic cells, boosting its efficacy.
  5. Molecular Structure Reveals How HIV Infects Cells
    Scientists have determined the high-resolution atomic structure of a receptor that most strains of HIV use to get into human immune cells.
  6. 7 Reasons To Apply To Medical School
    Are you considering medicine as a career? Here are seven traits that may make you a suitable candidate for medical school.
  7. World Heart Federation Urges Global Tobacco Reduction
    At the Tobacco End Game conference in New Delhi, The World Heart Federation called on countries worldwide to set a target year to end tobacco use in their populations.


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