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Abbott, Syngene To Open First Nutrition R&D Center In India

Abbott, in collaboration with Syngene, today announced plans to establish its first nutrition research and development center in India.

| May 4, 2012 | Technology

AsianScientist (May 4, 2012) - Abbott, one of India's largest health care companies, in collaboration with Syngene, a subsidiary of Indian biotechnology company Biocon, today announced plans to establish its first nutrition research and development center in the country.

The Abbott Nutrition R&D Center at Biocon Park in Bangalore will focus on the development of nutrition products for maternal and child nutrition and diabetes care. It will house more than 50 researchers and scientists, and is expected to open in June 2012.

"India is a priority market for investment, growth and innovation," said Robert H. Miller, Ph.D., divisional vice president, Global R&D and Scientific Affairs for Abbott Nutrition. "Our strategic collaboration with Syngene will accelerate the design, development and delivery of science-based, affordable nutrition products in India, for India."

An estimated 50 percent of Indians (570 million people) have adequate calorie intake but are not consuming a sufficient level of essential nutrients. India also has the world's largest diabetes population, with an estimated 51 million people living with diabetes.

In addition to the undernutrition and diabetes issues facing India, a rapidly expanding middle class and aging population are driving increased demand in the country for high-quality, affordable nutrition products.

Among the products being developed for the Indian market are meal complements for diabetics and pre-diabetics. In addition, the center will address local taste and texture preferences with new flavors and formulations.

"With malnutrition and common chronic diseases at their highest in this region, Abbott and Syngene have a common vision and commitment to support the development of a healthier India," said Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, founder, chairman and managing director, Biocon Group.


Source: Abbott.
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