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The Ultimate List Of 15 Asian Scientists To Watch – Zia Mian

We have traversed the far-flung corners of science, medicine, engineering, and technology to come up with this list of 15 scientists who represent the movers and shakers of Asia.

| May 15, 2011 | List

#4: Zia Mian, Nuclear Physicist

Now here's someone who makes you feel you could do more.

Zia Mian is a Pakistani American nuclear physicist who has taught at both Yale University and Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. In 1997, Dr. Mian joined Princeton University as a research scientist.

At the same time, Dr. Mian is also a prominent peace activist and a strong supporter of non-nuclear proliferation, nuclear disarmament, and peaceful use of nuclear technology.

Dr. Mian has played a significant role in Pakistan's nuclear policy, and is currently the director of the Project on Peace and Security in South Asia, at the Program on Science and Global Security. He has made two documentary films on peace and security in South Asia and sits on the advisory board of FFIPP-USA (Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace-USA), a network of Palestinian, Israeli, and International faculty and students.

In future, when you think of "world peace", think Zia Mian. 

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