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The Ultimate List Of 15 Asian Scientists To Watch – Robin Li

We have traversed the far-flung corners of science, medicine, engineering, and technology to come up with this list of 15 scientists who represent the movers and shakers of Asia.

| May 15, 2011 | List

#5: Robin Li (李彥宏), Baidu Inc

As CEO of the third largest search engine in the world with a 70 percent Chinese market share, we had to include him on our list. Information management is truly a behemoth task that involves statistics, mathematical algorithms, online security and even political sensitivity.

Born in Shanxi, China, Robin Li studied information management at Peking University and went to SUNY-Buffalo, US to study computer science towards a PhD degree, but left with a MSc. degree.

In 2000, Mr. Li co-founded China's most popular search engine Baidu with Eric Xu, and has been the CEO of Baidu since January 2004. In 2005, Baidu was listed on NASDAQ, and in 2007 became the first Chinese company to be included in the NASDAQ-100 Index. In that year, he was also listed in the CNN Money annual "50 people who matter now".

Baidu just began offering free music downloads via Baidu Ting last week, we wonder what's next!

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