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7 Must-Read Stories In January 2016

The Periodic Table has a new addition and there exists a black hole that dwarfs our sun, as scientists in Asia discovered in January 2016.


WuXi AppTec To Build Biologics Solution Center

WuXi’s Shanghai-based center, which will be operational by 2017, will provide integrated solutions for biologics discovery, development and clinical manufacturing.


Report Emphasizes STEM Education For Higher Skills

A report by the UN Development Program points to a shift in the types of jobs that are now outsourced and offshored towards ones with higher skills, particularly in information and communications technology.


Sugars, Science & Society

Professor Wong Chi-Huey, president of Academia Sinica of Taiwan, has built his career on carbohydrates. He shares his motivations for research and the impact science can have on society.


Of Cats And Cancers

In life as in quantum physics, we sometimes exist in a state of superposition. What happens when the wave function collapses?


The Unassuming Revolutionary

Asian Scientist Magazine catches up with the inventor of optogenetics and CRISPR gene editing, Zhang Feng.

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